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//ok there’s a mini hiatus. I don’t want to but I dont have a choice. I’m sorry y’all. I’ll be back soon.


Wi-Fi might get disconnected. I’m like dirt poor and can’t pay for it atm. So if Im inactive for a little while that’s why.

Send me the word “Pumpkin” for my muse’s opinion on what your muse should dress up as for Halloween.


Chores -.-


//OMG I found that on the OnDemand into TV thing. So interesting! :D

[ I found the show by going to the higher channels. It seemed far more interesting then “Saying Yes to The Dress Atlanta.” ]

//oi It’s far better than the real housewives of Oc. I also happened to find this thing called Amish Haunting. It’s pretty cool seeing as they usually keep quiet about that stuff.


+ false-emperess

"Hello there."  He nodded his head in greeting.  She seemed foreign, but he wasn’t sure where he would even guess that she was from.

The Duchess was rather startled at first seeing as she had gotten lost and didn’t realize he was there. Turning and looking at him with a smile, she curtsied. “Hello. Would you mind telling me where I am?”

Simple M!As

Blind: Muse is unable to see for __
Mute: Muse is unable to speak for __
Deaf: Muse is unable to hear for __
Paralysis: Muse is unable to move __ (anon specifies what) for __
Mind: Muse cannot remember anything or anyone for __
Mutation: Muse has an extra __ (anon specifies what) for 3 days.
Genderbent: Muse is the opposite gender for __
Petite: Muse is about the size of a pen cap for __
Tall: Muse is __ (anon specifies how tall) for __
Split: Muse has split into two people, one evil and one nice, lasts a day.
Roleswap: Muse has the body of the mun for __
Flip Flop: Two muses switch bodies, lasts for a day.
Together: Muse is stuck in __'s body with them for __
Speak: Muses voice changes to __ (anon specifies what) for a day.
Bald: Muse has no hair for a day.
Hair: Muse has hair (on their head) that is as long as themselves for __
Agrees: Muse has to say yes to everything for a day.
Disagrees: Muse has to say no to everything for a day.
Cloak: Muse becomes invisible, but can still be heard and felt, etc. for __
Ghost: Muse becomes a ghost that can possess other's bodies for __
Animal: Muse becomes a __ (anon specifies what animal) for __
Angel: Muse becomes an angel (duh) for __
Demon: Muse becomes a demon (once again duh) for __
Possessed: Muse is possessed by a demon, making them do strange and unusual things for __
Fashion: Muse becomes obsessed and snobby about fashion and tries to change other's appearance if they don't like it for __


Hora do chá (by Julia C. F)

Send “Little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child.